Balanced Life Solutions - Optimal well being .... by Gabrielle Manski

 Testing assessments provide specific information about the muscle imbalances, the limitations and range of movement of joints, the fitness level in different areas of the body and exercise prescription. 

Improve  your level of daily functioning, your strength and endurance and the range of motion of specific joints and balance your muscles.An integrated approach is utilized in each 60 minute session.

A postural assessment is taken from an anterior, posterior and lateral view both in standing and sitting posture. Precise measurements in the landmarks of the upper and lower body are noted. This testing is appropriate for the fit and active individual as well as the unfit and sedentary person. It is also beneficial to those individuals beginning an exercise or Pilates program to indicate which exercises are appropriate for them. Poor posture is often acknowledged as a cause of musculoskeletal pain, ineffective breathing, joint restriction or general discomfort. Gain insight into exercises to counter the modern day increasing thoracic kyphosis resulting from prolonged sitting in a hunched position over a computer, tablet and phone.

Before beginning the Pilates Reformer, clients are required to participate in a health and postural assessment, followed by a mini assessment of fitness and core strength and endurance on the reformer. Results are integrated into goals and programming for each client. This comprehensive assessment is necessary whether you have prior experience with Pilates or no experience at all.

Lower back pain? Can't do a sit up? Have difficulty moving from one position to another? Do you want to improve your core but don't know which exercises are most effective for you? 
Whatever the reason, find out the weakness and strengths of your individual core muscles. During the assessment, each of the core muscles will be tested with the client sitting in a chair or lying on an exercise mat. An exercise prescription based on the results of your testing will be developed just for you.
$ 60.00

 The average life expectancy is increasing! The ability to enjoy an active and independent lifestyle well into the later years will depend in large part on how well we maintain our personal fitness levels. Promotion of health, prevention of lifestyle diseases and functional fitness/mobility - to have the physical capacity to perform every day tasks safely, energetically and independently are some of the goals of older adults. This test for clients
 60-90  years of age, assesses independently living older adults in all the key physiological parameters necessary to perform common every day tasks: upper and lower body strength, aerobic endurance, upper and lower body flexibility, agility and dynamic balance. Information gathered will highlight strengths and areas needing improvement. Suggested exercises for improvement will be provided.
$ 65.00