Balanced Life Solutions - Optimal well being .... by Gabrielle Manski

Core + Pelvic Floor Confidence

This 8 week program is individualized to help the client strengthen the core and pelvic floor. A strong healthy core and pelvic floor may be challenged in three stages of  a woman's life.

  • Prenatal
  • Post Natal (Diastasis)
  • Mid Life/Menopausal

 The 'Confidence' program differs and is tailored to each stage of life. Avoid or improve dysfunction, improve body awareness, posture and more.

The' Core Confidence Program' is also suitable for men who may have developed diastasis from heavy lifting or who may experience challenges with incontinence due to prostate issues.

Be proactive, take charge of your body and your life! Don't allow pelvic floor/core dysfunction to limit your daily activities.

Do you suffer from .....
  • the mommy tummy?
  • chronic lower back pain?
  • pelvic pain?
  • leak urine when you lift, run, jump, cough or sneeze?
  • painful sexual intercourse?
  • make frequent trips to the bathroom?
  • constipation?
  • urine retention?
  • too many sit ups with no results?

If you answered 'yes' to just one of the above or you just want to maintain a healthy core/pelvic floor, please inquire about the 'Core Confidence Program'.