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Balanced healthy clean whole foods are the foundation of the nutritional programs. Food should  be your medicine not your poison. Learn to make healthy choices in appropriate portions that nourish your cells, organs and organ systems. Feel energetic, sense the vitality and free yourself of costly gimmicks and expensive diet foods. By making educated choices, you can be in control of your health and say goodbye to your cravings.

Nutrition 101
A five week program covering nutrition basics for healthy eating. Each week for 1 hour a variety of topics such as macro nutrients, micro nutrients, hydration, portion control, scheduling, plate division, calorie basics, food diary, nutritional labelling etc will be discussed. This course gives you the tools to be more discriminate about your food choices both in the kitchen and at the supermarket. Start anytime convenient to your schedule..

5 week course    $ 125.00 pp

Alkaline Makeover - Balance Your pH
 Harmful amounts of acids and toxins accumulate over time in your body due eating habits and modern lifestyles.The optimal pH range of blood is between 7.35-7.45 and within this range the blood is able to flow optimally, nourish cells and keep the body cleansed. If there is a decrease in the pH value and the blood becomes more acidic, the metabolic processes and functioning of the body become compromised. When there is a build up of acids and toxins, your metabolism is out of balanced leading to structural damage in the body, problems with elimination and deposition of impurities.
Start your alkaline makeover with an assessment consultation and leave with an individualized plan to balance your nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

Assessment Consultation (70 min)    $ 65.00
Follow up Consultation           1/2 hr $ 30.00        1 hr  $ 50.00   

Individualized Weight Loss Program
 Achieve lifelong success with this lifestyle healthy eating weight loss program that is tailored specifically to you. This program considers your body type, blood type, your pH level and a full nutritional workup to design a program just for you that works with the demands of your individual lifestyle.Increase your energy levels, mobilize fat, watch the pounds melt away without depriving yourself! A food and exercise plan with support materials is included. First appointment (75 min) begins with your individual assessment. A follow up appointment (75 min) will outline your detailed plan for lifelong health and weight management. If you require further consultations, they are available as requested for
 $ 50.00 per hour.

2 week/2 consultations    $ 250.00
Follow up consultations    $   50.00

 Holistic Approach to Weight Loss
A 12 week individual lifestyle program to support your journey with the goal of natural weight loss. A holistic approach that considers the whole person via life coaching, nutrition and fitness.  The program begins with a full nutritional workup. Each week new topics will be outlined to be incorporated into your lifestyle that will put you in control of your weight loss goals. A personal training program and demo are included in the program. Weekly phone or email support is included.

12 week program    $ 799.00