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Personal Training
Personal Training is offered both in the studio gym or for your convenience on site at your location.
Gabrielle Manski provides personal training for people of all ages, all fitness levels and people with special needs. Every personal training plan is customized to your goals, your lifestyle, your schedule, your preferences and equipment. Gabrielle will show you how to incorporate active living and fitness into your current lifestyle.
To begin a personal training program, a private fitness assessment will be conducted. Your health history, lifestyle background, workout experience, long term and short term goal setting and a physical assessment are all included. Postural assessment, core assessment and other tests are included in this 60 min session.
The first session is an opportunity to observe and assess your fitness level with respect to cardiovascular capacity, strength, endurance, flexibility, muscle imbalance etc during a workout.
During the second session,  your new fitness plan will be introduced. Each exercise will be demonstrated for safe and effective techniques so you will be well on your way to a happier, healthier and fitter life! In addition, weekly email or phone support keeps you motivated and on track.
As your work through your program, your progress will be monitored. Your workout plan will  be adjusted to keep you challenged, as your attain your goals, and /or experience changes in your life.
Whether your goal is sport specific, a better toned body, weight loss, more energy and vitality, or health specific, it is advisable to combine your personal training program with nutritional consulting in order to achieve optimal results.
Personal  Fitness Assessment   
$ 100.00
Personal Training Session
Single                     $ 70.00 ea
10 Session              $ 65.00 ea or $  650.00
20 Session              $ 60.00 ea or $ 1200.00
Combined Personal Training & Nutrition Program
Please enquire regarding rates for this customized program.
Independent Training Program
For clients who are self motivated, a customized program will begin with the personal assessment, a testing session, a demonstration of a home exercise plan and weekly support via email or phone
Independent  10 week Program
$ 400.00
Maintenance Independent Program
$ 170.00
Travel Fitness Programs
Customized travel fitness programs are available for clients. Whether it be 2 weeks or 2 months, maintain your fitness level with your personal program.
Single Program
$ 70.00