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Pilates Mat
Pilates mermaid on the mat offers a lateral stretch
The foundation exercises created by Joseph Pilates put emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, breath work, strength, power, agility, mental focus, developing a strong core ( the powerhouse) as well  as improvement  with balance and coordination. Pilates includes exercises with varying degrees of difficulty  from modified to beginner to intermediate and advanced .levels.  There is something for everyone in this total body conditioning routine.
Classical Pilates follows the floor routines as set out by Joseph Pilates in the 1920's. Modern or contemporary Pilates may be influenced somewhat by other modalilities and  may incorporate small equipment into routines
Improve your posture, develop a longer leaner body with a sound core.
Studio Group Classes
Group classes ( maximum of 6 clients) use a variety of equipment each week to master the standing and mat exercises.


Private Pilates Mat Session
Private Pilates sessions are 60 minutes. They are an ideal opportunity for the beginner, for those clients who wish to advance at their own pace, for those who have chronic conditions and for clients post physio who are recovering from injury or surgery.

Pilates Reformer
Legs and feet begin the Reformer foundations.
The reformer is suitable for the'newbie' to the advanced student and follows a progression of exercises, each targeting a particular  muscle(s) with the use of springs as well as body weight.. Core, spinal and scapular stabilization are stressed
The cardio tramp is also incorporated occasionally into sessions.
Private classes are tailored to the individual's needs and goals.

 Before beginning the Pilates Reformer, it is best to begin with a privates assessment session. Call the studio to book your assessment class!

Group Reformer

Group classes are limited to 4 clients.