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Strong, Active and Pain Free


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Strong, Active and Pain Free

The weather is finally agreeable! Many clients head outdoors for golf, tennis, biking, hiking, gardening and more while leaving their exercise routines in classes and gyms behind.
 In order to stay strong, active and pain free, it is advisable to maintain your cardio, resistance and flexibility training to support your summer outdoor sports and activities.  Too often, overdoing it outside leads to pain and injury from poorly toned muscles, muscle imbalances and a weak core.
As well, many do not stretch appropriately after their activity which in turn leads to shortened tight muscle and further imbalance. These muscles will remain short and tight over time which will make it more challenging next time the same activity is undertaken.
Improve and support your favourite golf , tennis, or other summer activity with sport specific training on the Pilates Reformer or with personal training in the gym. Schedule a personal session when it suits your schedule. Work smarter, not harder!
New clients to the Pilates Reformer or to personal training get the first class Free at Balanced Life Solutions! Phone us today to book your complimentary session.                                                                         416 805-3887