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A Leader:

-has the capacity to inspire others

-has the capacity to influence others

-creates an atmosphere of trust

-has empathy towards others

-seeks to serve

-affects and shifts the behaviour of others

-serves with passion and alignment

"How you lead, determines the effectiveness of your leadership."

The Leadership Coaching Program  is for anyone who:

-desires to improve  their skill set for future opportunities

-is unemployed or wants to change jobs

-wants to move up the corporate ladder

-holds a leadership position but has little or no leadership training

-leads but has gotten stale in their effectiveness over the years

-wants to show personal growth and display commitment to their success on their resume

-wants to lead a team or group of people in a department of a large company,  or small business, as an entrepreneur, as a sports coach (hockey, golf, tennis), as a team coach for children, or in a nonprofit

-wants to influence effectively and successfully in collaboration with others

-is weak in networking 

Leadership Training

Leadership in these fast paced changing times has never been more challenging. During the increased complexity, volatility, uncertainty and ambiguity in the business world, there is a call for new models and principles of leadership. It's a new work world that requires a new style of leadership. Leading by authority and control are old school principles no longer effective or successful.


The Leadership Program marries both the practical and the theoretical in each of the ten Elements of Leadership Mastery, a proven strengths-based approach.


Leadership coaching is one on one and delivered virtually or in person. Each session will include a lesson, homework, and practical applications you can institute right away.


 Coaching sessions (16), email and/or phone contact for support/questions, and all materials are supplied in this program.

How long is the program? Your progress in completing  16 lessons will determine the length of the program. 


You can start anytime after you have registered and paid for the Leadership Coaching Program.


Contact Gabrielle for more information at

 or  416 805-3887

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