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Dream Big

Work Hard


Stay Focused

Let go of the Past

Surround yourself with people who Elevate Your Life

Achieve Joy and Happiness

Elevate Your Life 

Take the first step to designing your best life. 

Book your free 15 minute DISCOVERY SESSION today. 

Your Discovery phone session is an opportunity to begin a conversation about your needs, wants and goals. Together we can identify what's holding you back from achieving those goals.

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What we offer

The Manski Protocol offers  client centered research based coaching for both personal and professional goals on the results proven foundation of The Manski Protocol. It is an action oriented, solution based approach to guide you towards  the development of effective solutions to help you reach your goals. Through conversation and communication, coaching exercises, powerful questioning, reflection, inquiry and other tools and techniques around the Ten Pillars of Life, you will become empowered and confident to transform  and ELEVATE your life.


Workshops and Seminars

The Manski Protocol offers a wide range of educational, health, wellness motivational and inspirational topics virtually or in person.

Corporate presentations are individualized to your goals. 

Speaker and Author

Gabrielle is a motivational and educational speaker. She is a member of the Professional Speakers Federation.

 She is also a published author in 'Adversity to Adaptability' by the Certified Coaches Federation, available at Chapters, Barnes & Noble and other retailers.

Individual coaching sessions

Coaching sessions are available in person, by phone, and virtual. Coaching is one to one in an individual session.

Group coaching with a common goal may be virtual or in person.


Invest in Yourself

The Manski Protocol Coaching is about transformation (change, learning and growth), devising a plan of action to reach your goals, developing feelings of empowerment, and finding clarity and purpose in life.  ELEVATE  your life to find happiness and joy each day. 

Coaching sessions vary according to frequency, length and your goals.  Coaching packages vary,  At your first full consultation, we will determine which session package may be individualized to your needs.  It is suggested that an investment of three months is a minimum to start making profound changes, developing new healthy habits and devising a plan of action for transformation. You can continue coaching with Gabrielle for as long as needed and for as long as it adds value to your life.

What our customers are saying

Just at the beginning of the pandemic I was feeling in despair. My job was coming to an end and I didn't know what to do. Money was tight.  Gabrielle helped me clarify the vision of my career, what I wanted to do and how I wanted to work. I made some temporary financial changes to lesson the strain on the budget. Before I knew it, I had three job offers. I'm working full time again. Thank you Gabrielle for helping me focus and stay positive.

W.M. Mississauga, Ont. 


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