Balanced Life Solutions - Optimal well being .... by Gabrielle Manski

Don't just exercise, experience a transformation!

 Balanced Life Solutions provides effective individualized, goal-oriented programs in a compassionate, caring and fun atmosphere. 

If your well being is a priority and you are dedicated to making a change, we offer you the opportunity to transform yourself in mind, body, and spirit. 

Many facilities offer exercise and one-dimensional service. At Balanced Life Solutions, we offer programs in light of the 'whole person' combining exercise with nutrition, education and wellness suggestions that parallel and apply to your active life away from the studio.

 There are no cookie cutter programs. Each program and service is tailored to your individual needs, goals, fitness level and lifestyle.

 We offer personal as well as corporate programs for personal training, group fitness, yoga, Pilates, Pilates Reformer, Stability Chair, Tower Trainer, Barre,  Urban Poling, Nutrition, learn to run, 5k, power walking, etc. and of course workshops and seminars on a variety of wellness topics.


When you see these words: professional, knowledgeable, motivating, dedicated, they describe Gabrielle to a "T". I have taken Pilates (mat), yoga and Barre every week and thoroughly enjoy each session. Each class is never the same which tells you that Gabrielle has taken time to personally prepare her classes. Gabrielle's facility is 'one of a kind' with extremely high-end equipment and beautiful studios. I would absolutely recommend Balanced Life Solutions for all your wellness needs. Don't miss out.
                                                                                     DW Ballantrae

"I have been doing Pilates and toning classes with Gabrielle for a couple of years now, and she is a great teacher! She is very knowledgeable as a trainer, always upbeat and motivating. She does not push you beyond what you can do but at the same time encourages you to reach your potential. She is concerned about your health and gives little tidbits to increase your own knowledge. We work out to great music, and she works right alongside you exercising as well, not just telling you what to do. I have really enjoyed my workouts with Gabrielle, and would encourage everyone to check out one of her classes!"
                                                                                           L.B. Stouffville
"Yoga with Gabrielle is awesome. The classes are always different so you never get bored. Often when I come in I am stressed from my day, but when the class ends I feel calm and renewed. 
                                                                                         C. F. Ballantrae

"With my fibromyalgia, my abilities each week can vary a lot so I only do private classes with Gabrielle. I like that she uses a variety of props to help me get into poses that are normally not available to me in a regular class. I always feel much better after yoga and am ready to face the challenges of the day. "
                                                                                        B. McF. Ballantrae

"I look forward to Gabrielle's Pilate's mat classes every week. She is always very attentive and informative making sure I do things properly and explaining to me why and what the benefit it has. She always challenges me to work harder and encourages me throughout the entire class. Each class is different alternating with a variety of equipment and exercises to work all our different muscles which is part of why I love her classes so much. The other part is her!"
                                                                                        J.P. Ballantrae

"I was trying to lose weight on my own but really was getting nowhere. My goal was 25 lb. I am in my early fifties so this was quite a challenge. I saw Gabrielle twice a week for weight loss training and nutrition. At first the personal training exercises were hard because I hadn't worked out in years. After a number of weeks I could see the results, so I felt more committed than ever. I have lost my 'stomach' and feel more confident with my food choices. I have more energy and feel happier with myself. Thanks Gabrielle!
                                                                                       K.L. Stouffville

I have been taking Chair Yoga twice a week with Gabrielle and noticed I feel better at the end of each class. I have had challenges with my breathing because my oxygen absorption rate was only 87. Below 88 qualifies one to have oxygen. 
When I got tested again, the technician informed me that my oxygen absorption was back up to normal. She asked me what had brought me back up to normal. I told here we practise breathing in yoga class. She agreed that yoga definitely improves your breathing.
I am still using my puffers but otherwise my breathing is so much better.    
                                                                                                              DKB Uxbridge