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How Life Coaching ELEVATES Your Life?

  • enhances your confidence, self esteem and well being in general
  • assists you to discover your inner strengths, passion and happiness deep inside
  • assists you in rediscovering your true self and in designing an authentic unique life
  • improves the quality of your life
  • helps you identify and replace limiting thoughts, beliefs and habits 
  • reduces stress, improves your sense of balance in life and your peace of mind
  • it empowers you by lifting you up from being a victim to being the super hero of your life
  • it increases your level of empowerment by way of active engagement in decision making and action strategy
  • it provides you with appropriate tips and tools to use and practice with life's challenges
  • helps you take control of your day and increases your productivity
  • helps you connect with your true potential , to establish and successfully attain your goals
  • have lasting and fulfilling relationships
  • helps you to identify and maintain your personal and professional success, wealth and happiness
  • by guiding the client to find fulfillment, purpose and leave a lasting impact in the world

Are you ready to ELEVATE your Life?

I am excited to work with you if:

  • you are ready to make change a priority
  • your mind is open to new possibilities
  • you can let go of old habits and limiting thoughts/beliefs
  • you are not afraid to step out of your comfort zone and are able to learn and grow
  • you want to invest in yourself
  • you have goals, dreams and want a better life
  • you seek happiness, joy and fulfillment
  • you accept guidance and support
  • you seek personal freedom

Let's begin a conversation

Contact me by clicking the button below. Let's begin a conversation about how we can ELEVATE your LIFE.

Share your story and your challenges and book your FREE "Discovery Session'. 

A detailed plan and recommended options will be presented in the following appointment.

If you are interested in any of our coaching packages below and need more information, please contact Gabrielle with your request by using the contact button below.

Your customized coaching program is available in these formats:

Your Vision is a customized coaching program centered around your unique coaching needs and goals. Details and recommendations will be presented following the  FREE Discovery Session.

Signature Programs

Optimal Wellness Package

Energy, Vitality, Life Balance

Start each day with a bounce in your step, an enthusiasm for what life offers, a positive outlook, and boundless energy. 

The 'OPTIMAL WELLNESS' coaching package elevates your life in three key areas: Energy, Vitality, and Life/Work Balance. This six-month program includes the areas of nutrition, exercise, hormones, sleep, self-care, stress management, and time management. Turn your life from a cup half empty to a cup overflowing with energy and vitality.

Duration: 6 months

Sessions: 12

The WHY Package

Life Purpose

Begin each day with a feeling of satisfaction, fulfillment,  contentment, and clarity. Knowing that your efforts and actions are aligned with your true purpose in life validates your journey and elevates your sense of balance in life.

The'  WHY' coaching package explores, identifies, and defines your unique life purpose. The meaning of your life leads to feelings of fulfillment, value, and joy. Consider what IMPACT you want your life to make in the world.

Duration: 6 months.

Sessions: 12


Custom Personal  Training 


'Your Personal Training ' is a customizable coaching package centered around your unique coaching needs and goals, The length of the program is flexible and consistent with the progression of your short and long-term goals. Please inquire for more details.

Duration: 4, 6, 12 months.

Sessions: 8-24

Restorative Package

Stress Management, Nutrition, Sleep, Time Management

You've lost your zest for life, you're burned out again or you're literally dragging yourself around because you are so tired. 

The 'RESTORATIVE 'Coaching package is a six month program that delves into self-care, sleep, stress management, and time management to help you meet life's challenges with a renewed sense of passion,  energy, and focus, and to improve the quality of your life. Learn and apply the approaches, skills, and develop the habits to feel whole and balanced again and avoid burnout and feelings of life being out of control in the future. Turn your life around today!

Duration: 6 months

Sessions: 12

Precision Package

Weight Loss, Nutrition, Exercise

How many times have you tried a quick fix diet and failed? Gained the weight back? How many years has it been that you've tried to lose the 10 lb (20 lb,30 lb...100 .lb?) Deprivation, prepackaged diet foods, and generic superficial eating programs JUST DON"T WORK.

The 'PRECISION' coaching package is a one-year program that is designed to help you make long-term, sustainable changes with respect to weight loss and body composition. Even when the program has concluded you will be able to continue the healthy lifestyle,  apply the tools and skills you have learned .and sustain the habits you've developed.  

'PRECISION' is totally customized to you and therefore no two programs are the same. Each person is unique biologically, physically, emotionally, etc. and each program is individualized to you. Your input is important to the success of the program. 

 Client input is necessary for all areas of the program. Your success is related to your level of input. Accountability is a regular part of the program. Your relationship with food, the emotional aspect of food, habit formation, thoughts and beliefs about food,  understanding and applying daily healthy food choices in the real world, activity, and exercise are some of the key elements of this weight loss program.

Renew your energy, improve your strength, make intelligent choices about nutrition in the everyday world, and take pride in your physical transformation.

Duration: 12 months

Sessions: 24

Nutrition Continuum Package

Whole Food Plant Based

Move successfully in the right direction on the continuum from the S.A.D. diet (Standard American Diet) to healthy lifestyle eating by way of whole food plant-based food intake. A large part of the preventable chronic diseases suffered by Western society is attributable to poor lifestyles, a processed food diet, and lack of exercise.

A customized program attuned to your needs and goals, to help you apply the key concepts of a whole food plant-based diet and to enjoy the amazing health benefits of the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients in your foods.

This is not an all-or-nothing program. We start from where you honestly are on the continuum and move you slowly along to where you want to be. By moving slowly and knowledgeably each week with new information application, skill development, and habit formation in your real everyday world, you will successfully change your approach to nutrition. 

Duration: 6 months

Sessions: 12

Service Prices and Policies

  1. Payment for coaching services may be made in cash, or
  2.  e-transfer.
  3. Prices vary with the complexity and length of the program. After your FREE 'Discovery Session', the appropriate package and the corresponding fee will be determined.
  4. Cancellation requires a 30-day written submission (email) to stop payment or request a partial refund for an ongoing coaching package.
  5. Cancellation for a program that has not yet commenced requires a 7 Day written notification (email) for a full refund if payment has been received.

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