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Gabrielle Manski, B.A. , M.A.

Certified: Life Coach

                     Master Coach Practitioner

                     Relationship Coach

                     Business,  Workplace, Leadership, and Career Coach

                     Wellness Coach

                     Functional Nutrition Coach

Creator of the Manski Protocol

Owner of The Manski Protocol Coaching

Gabrielle is passionate about inspiring and guiding clients in their midlife who feel stuck, unfulfilled, have lost their vitality for life,  lack a sense of purpose  or quality of life, or who are in a lack luster relationship. She inspires and motivates them to tap into their inner strengths and find greatness both personally and professionally. 

The Manski Protocol , a multi-disciplinary approach, offers unique solutions towards successfully achieving each client's ultimate goal. 

Gabrielle has experienced first hand the power of transformation and empowerment in her own life when she made dramatic changes in her teens to become independent and take charge of her life. For the full account of her story and an in depth summary of the Manski Protocol, check out her inspiring chapter in the recently published book 'Adversity to Adaptability' .

Gabrielle is an entrepreneur at heart. She is the owner of the Manski Protocol Coaching. She is a highly regarded speaker,  author, and master life coach. 

She is an authority on fitness, nutrition, and holistic wellness. With over seventeen years of experience, her professional background includes over 20 fitness certifications, the successful completion of holistic nutritional studies, and a certified functional nutritional coach.

She also holds an Ontario Teachers Certificate, a postgraduate degree in Administration (Finance), and is a certified Master Life and Executive  Coach.


With a lifelong passion for sports, Gabrielle has been an avid runner, competing in half marathons, triathlons, and marathons.


Gabrielle would like to make an impact on your life with the Manski Protocol Coaching. Work/life balance, stress management, weight loss and nutrition coaching, mindfulness, meditation, visualization, body composition training, habit formation, release from a painful past or relationship, anxiety and depression are just some of the challenges her clients have successfully created a lasting solution to with Gabrielle as their guide and coach. 

Published in 2020, the book Adversity to Adaptability' is available in both soft and hardcover as well as e reader format. It is available at Chapters, Barnes and Noble and other fine stores.

How can you get the book FREE

Commit to a three month coaching package to ELEVATE your life and the book ( $30. value) will be sent to you at no cost. Book your Discovery session now to get started right away.

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